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Vic & Sade (pg 02) 1940-1941 (122 Eps)

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(122 Episodes)
UPDATE: March 29, 2011

"Vic and Sade" (pg 02) 1940-1941


Paul Rhymer

Clarence Menser & Roy Winsor, etc.

01) Oh You Beautiful Doll - Walter Blaufuss
02) Chanson Bohemienne - Irma Glenn & Larry Larson

Vic Gook: Art Van Harvey
Sade Gook: Bernardine Flynn
Rush Gook: Billy Idelson

1938: Mr. Gumpo: Cliff Soubier(Spec Appearance)

1940: Uncle Fletcher: Clarence Hartzell

1943: Russell Miller: David Whitehouse (the last regular)
Dottie Brainfeeble: Ruth Perrott
Blue-Tooth Johnson: Dick Toerne
Chuck Brainfeeble: ?
Leland Richards: ?

Mr. Spraw, Orville Wheeney & Smelly Clark all played by Johnny Coons

Dwight Twentysixler: Cliff Soubier
Pelter Unbleat: Butler Manderville
Roy Delfino: Forrest Lewis
Blue-tooth Johnson: Leonard Smith
Mis' Harris:? /Jimmy Custard:? /Sweetcorn McBlock:? /L.J Gertner, et al

Mr. Spraw, Orville Wheeney and Harry Dean all portrayed by Johnny Coons
Mis' Harris ?, Mis' Keller ?, Mis' Kesler ?, Police Chief Cullerson et al.?

1949 (TV):
Vic Gook: Frank Dane
Sade Gook: Bernardine Flynn
Rush Gook: Dick Conan
Ike Kneesuffer: Cliff Soubier

1957 (TV):
Vic Gook: Art Van Harvey
Sade Gook: Bernardine Flynn
Rush Gook: Eddie Gillilan

Charlie Lyon, Bob Brown, Ralph Edwards, Glenn Riggs, James Fleming, Mel Allen, Lyle Van, Ed Herlihy, Paul Luther, Ed Roberts, Lamont Johnson, Rye Billsbury, John Mallow, Jack Fuller, Guy Wallace, Jerry Coffer, etc.

(OTR SOURCE: vicandsade.info) * def gp ddh

This audio is part of the collection: Old Time Radio
It also belongs to collection: Radio Programs

Keywords: Old Time Radio Soap Operas; OTR Soap Operas; Continuing Dramas; Vic & Sade

Individual Files

Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
V&S 1940-01-02 No Painted Portrait of Big Dipper 8.6 MB
3.6 MB
V&S 1940-01-09 Boys Copy #s Sade Tells Gossip (aka Sade Muses on Friendship w Mis' Scott) 9.3 MB
4.0 MB
V&S 1940-01-12 Vegetable Garden (aka 1940-09-12) 9.4 MB
3.8 MB
V&S 1940-01-19 (inc) Gumpox vs Donahue 5.2 MB
2.3 MB
V&S 1940-01-22 RJ Konk's Improved Portrait 8.9 MB
3.7 MB
V&S 1940-01-24 YY Flirch Best Looking Man 8.9 MB
V&S 1940-02-02 Mr Donahue Gets Promotion 8.4 MB
V&S 1940-02-20 (Inc) Rush's Good Looks (organ music starts at 1m 09s-cuts off early) 7.3 MB
V&S 1940-02-27 High School Gossip (aka Deep Currents of School Life) 9.3 MB
V&S 1940-03-19 Bess Letter - Grocery List on Top (aka Letter From Aunt Bess-Grocery List on) 8.9 MB
V&S 1940-03-25 Smelly Clark's Big Date 8.7 MB
V&S 1940-03-27 Vic Fakes the Coronet 8.7 MB
V&S 1940-03-29 No Vic, No Trip to Chicago 8.6 MB
V&S 1940-04-04 Rush Makes a Call on a Girl 8.2 MB
V&S 1940-04-08 Can Blue-Tooth Sue the Bijou 8.4 MB
V&S 1940-04-10 Nicer to Sleep over for Two Weeks 8.6 MB
V&S 1940-04-15 Milton's Dirt in Fruit Jars 9.1 MB
V&S 1940-04-17 Vic's Heart-Shaped Face 8.4 MB
V&S 1940-05-03 Engine Cab Ride to Chicago 9.4 MB
V&S 1940-05-06 Working out Hank's Indebtedness (aka Wrkng on Hank G's Debts) 9.1 MB
V&S 1940-05-15 Vic's Picture Totally Mislablled (aka Vic's Pix Not In Quarterly) 8.9 MB
V&S 1940-05-27 Mis' Scott Getting Too Chummy 9.1 MB
V&S 1940-05-29 Nicer, the Goader 9.2 MB
V&S 1940-06-02 Teaching Cigar Smoking to Chinbunny (aka Mr C Wants to Smoke Cigars) 9.3 MB
V&S 1940-06-13 Hank Gutstop is Healthy (SH Bio of Lit Dipper) (aka 1940-07-13) 1 9.2 MB
V&S 1940-06-13 Hank Gutstop is Healthy (SH Bio of Lit Dipper) (aka 1940-07-13) 2 3.1 MB
V&S 1940-06-14 Freedom - Last Day of School 8.6 MB
V&S 1940-06-17 Mr Sludge to Sleep Overnight at Gooks 9.2 MB
V&S 1940-06-18 June Christmas Card Pressure 9.0 MB
V&S 1940-06-19 Vic's Wide Brimmed Hat 8.7 MB
V&S 1940-06-21 Hank's Job Royal Throne Barbershop (aka Hank is Royal Throne Barber) 8.4 MB
V&S 1940-06-24 Mr. Gumpox Blows Kisses 8.1 MB
V&S 1940-07-01 Ruthie Has Secrets 9.3 MB
V&S 1940-07-04 Mr Sludge Calls his Mother 7.6 MB
V&S 1940-07-22 Mr Donahue asks for Demotion 8.9 MB
V&S 1940-07-23 Sade shows Razorscum Album 8.9 MB
V&S 1940-08-14 Bacon Sandwiches 10.4 MB
V&S 1940-09-xx Mr Sludge Grows a Moustache (aka Sleepers Beware) 8.9 MB
V&S 1940-10-27 Hot Soup (aka 1940-10-23) 8.0 MB
V&S 1940-11-19 Man Caught in Revolving Door 9.0 MB
V&S 1940-12-10 HK Fleeber's Forty-Eight Teeth 9.1 MB
V&S 1940-12-17 A Bijou Lifetime Pass 8.9 MB
V&S 1940-12-23 Bess' Letter from 1937 (aka Letter From Aunt Bess-from 1937) 9.3 MB
V&S 1940-12-31 Howard Has New Harness 8.9 MB
V&S 1940 Appelrot Shoves Sade Around (aka Applerot Rearranges Furniture) 1 3.1 MB
V&S 1940 Hank's $200 Wardrobe 8.3 MB
V&S 1940 Too Many Faces in the Windows (aka Ice Cream & Salted Peanuts at Midnight) 1 8.0 MB
V&S 1940 Letter To Walter (aka V&S 1939) 6.8 MB
V&S 1940 Applerot Shoves Sade Around (aka 1940 Mis' Appelrot Rearranges The Furniture) 2 9.1 MB
V&S 1943 Russ Miller Con Artist (aka 1940 Russell Miller Con Artist 1.3 MB
V&S 1940 Speaking Aqauintances 6.9 MB
V&S 1940 Too Many Faces in the Windows (aka Ice Cream & Salted Peanuts at Midnight) 2 2.6 MB
V&S 1940 Shake Hands With RJ Konk (aka 1940 Vic's Photograph With RJ Konk) 9.8 MB
V&S 1941-01-15 Beautiful Beautiful Wallpaper (aka 1941-01-25) 1 3.0 MB
V&S 1941-01-21 Demise of Bernice 9.6 MB
V&S 1941-01-25 Chit Chat South American (aka 1941-01-22 A Very Pleasant Noon Hour) 9.2 MB
V&S 1941-01-23 Vic Now on Marching Team (aka Vic on the All-Star Marching Team) 8.9 MB
V&S 1941-01-24 Mr Roebush Has to Wait 8.0 MB
V&S 1941-01-15 Beautiful Beautiful Wallpaper (aka 1941-01-25) 2 8.7 MB
V&S 1941-02-03 New Wallpaper (There's a Catch) 8.8 MB
V&S 1941-02-07 Landlady's Photos Again 8.9 MB
V&S 1941-02-11 Fred Considers Joining Lodge 8.3 MB
V&S 1941-02-16 Wives' Rule Book (aka Rule Manual for Sky Bros Wives) 8.8 MB
V&S 1941-02-24 Uncle Fletcher to Meet 1 AM Train 9.2 MB
V&S 1941-02-25 No Marching for Me (aka Ladies Auxiliary Marching Team) 9.1 MB
V&S 1941-03-04 Vic Wins Broad Brimmed Hat 1 3.0 MB
V&S 1941-03-14 Marching Team Pictures 9.1 MB
V&S 1941-03-18 After Dinner Talk (aka Mis' Keller to Join Thimble Club) 7.1 MB
V&S 1941-03-25 Muddled Shopping Money 8.6 MB
V&S 1941-03-27 Hank's Weather Service 8.9 MB
V&S 1941-03-31 Rush Wants his Interest 8.8 MB
V&S 1941-03-xx Company Coming (13 People) 9.1 MB
V&S 1941-04-04 Dinner Invitation Withdrawn (aka Mr Breep's Birthday Dinner Withdrawn) 8.9 MB
V&S 1941-04-23 Sleep Tight, Mr Donahue (aka Sweet Dreams Mr Donahue) 7.6 MB
V&S 1941-04-xx Shopping Trip $5.00 Bank (aka $5.00 for Shopping) 8.6 MB
V&S 1941-04-xx 40 lbs of Golf Clubs 8.7 MB
V&S 1941-04-xx Fourteen Days in Grovelman S.C. 1 8.7 MB
V&S 1941-03-04 Vic Wins Broad-Brimmed Hat 2 8.0 MB
V&S 1941-05-02 Vic's Picture on Quarterly Cover 9.3 MB
V&S 1941-05-08 Landlord's Sneaky Trick (aka Mr Erickson Gives House as Gift) 8.8 MB
V&S 1941-05-12 Exaulted Big Dipper Day 9.1 MB
V&S 1941-05-13 Uncle Fletcher wants Momentos Stored 10.4 MB
V&S 1941-05-16 Uncle Fletcher's Door Stop Plans 8.9 MB
V&S 1941-05-21 Uncle Fletcher's Keys (aka Uncle Fletcher's Key Collection) 9.0 MB
V&S 1941-05-30 Five Men From Maine (aka Phone Call-Homer U. McDancy) 9.2 MB
V&S 1941-05-xx Rush, Bulletin-Board Monitor 9.1 MB
V&S 1941-06-01 Uncle Fletcher Calls Long Distance (aka Unc F. Calls .. To Aunt Bess) 8.4 MB
V&S 1941-06-03 Hammock 9.9 MB
V&S 1941-06-04 Grand Old Lodge Lady 9.2 MB
V&S 1941-06-09 Letter Writing Plot 8.6 MB
V&S 1941-06-30 Who's Who In Kitchenware 9.7 MB
V&S 1941-07-01 Easy Chair 2.5 MB
V&S 1941-07-xx Fred's Concrete Partition 9.0 MB
V&S 1941-08-26 Uncle Fletcher the Protector (aka Man in the House) 10.4 MB
V&S 1941-09-09 Vic Gets Gift Wrap Again (aka Xmas Presents for Boss) 10.3 MB
V&S 1941-09-17 Don't Help Dust, Uncle Fletcher (aka Unc Fletch Cleans Hse) (aka New Washrags) 10.3 MB
V&S 1941-09-29 Bright Kentucky Hotel Speaker 10.0 MB
V&S 1941-10-08 Sade's Surprise Christmas Gift (Washrags) 9.9 MB
V&S 1941-10-09 It's Algebra Uncle Fletcher (aka Rush & Blue-Tooth talk) 10.1 MB
V&S 1941-10-10 Fred & the 5th Tire (aka Fred's Tires) 10.1 MB
V&S 1941-10-14 Vic Declines Coronet Lessons 10.0 MB
V&S 1941-10-31 Broken Alarm Clocks (4 Notes attchd) 11.8 MB
V&S 1941-11-04 Send the Slippers Back (aka Sade's Surprise Gift) 10.3 MB
V&S 1941-11-05 Vic's Xmas Gift List Too Long 10.0 MB
V&S 1941-11-20 Rush Humiliated on Thanksgiving (aka Miserable Object of Public Ridicule) 12.9 MB
V&S 1941-11-xx Crowded Car Ride (aka Car Ride To Chenoa) 9.9 MB
V&S 1941-11-xx No Hookey for Vic & Rush (aka Playing Hooky) 10.2 MB
V&S 1941-12-01 Vic's Trip to Plant #17 (aka Winnie & her Man) 10.0 MB
V&S 1941-12-08 The Bottom Buffet Drawer 10.2 MB
V&S 1941-12-11 Strictly Business Christmas Loan (aka Christmas Present Money) 1 3.3 MB
V&S 1941-12-12 Thirty-Four Christmas Gifts for $20 (aka $20 Xmas Gifts Shopping for Mr Buller) 9.9 MB
V&S 1941-12-25 North Dakota River Bottom Revel 13.5 MB
V&S 1941-12-11 Strictly Business Christmas Loan (aka Christmas Present Money) 2 10.1 MB
V&S 1941-12-xx Left & Right Handed Stacey Yopp (aka Stacey Yop & Dr. Sockers) 1 3.2 MB
V&S 1941-12-xx Mr Chinbunny Eats Ice Cream (aka 1941-12-xx ) 1 2.8 MB
V&S 1941-12-xx Left & Right Handed Stacey Yopp (aka Stacey Yop & Dr. Sockers) 2 10.1 MB
V&S 1942-07-xx Unc Fletcher's Train Trip to Dixon (aka 1941 Unc Fletcher's Trip ...)1 2.3 MB
V&S 1942-08-xx Washrag Collection (10m 17s) (aka 1941-12-xx Washrag Coll.) (aka V&S 1943 Landlady's Washrag Collection) 2.5 MB
V&S 1941-04-xx Fourteen Days in Grovelman S.C. 2 3.0 MB
V&S 1941 (Inc) Icebergs in Illinois 5.4 MB
V&S 1942-07-xx Unc Fletcher's Train Trip to Dixon (aka 1941 Unc Fletcher's Trip ...)2 4.7 MB
V&S 1941 Vic Going on Inspection Trip (aka 1942-07-xx Vic's Insp Tour) (aka 1942 Vic Ready to Lve) 3.2 MB
Image Files JPEG
Vic & Sade Yellow Poster 81.4 KB
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VicSade1940-1941_files.xml Metadata [file]
VicSade1940-1941_meta.xml Metadata 3.1 KB
Other Files Archive BitTorrent
VicSade1940-1941_archive.torrent 45.7 KB

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